A brief word on cookies

12th May 2018

We only use an analytics cookie on this site, this is for our own use and tracks the visitors to our site. The data collected is anonymous. You can use the cookie settings on your browser to block cookies for this site, it will not affect your user experience.

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Alternative Flooring Website by Rendili Limited

Rendili has a new direct partnership with Alternative Flooring. After several years working "behind the scenes" we are really excited to be working directly with Team Alternative. Lots of new and exciting development is already underway.

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Mufflebox Store

1st November 2014

Mufflebox Website by Rendili Limited

Check out the range of cool automotive clothing and accessories at! Rendili built the responsive website templates for their shopify storefront.

Mufflebox Mobile Website by Rendili Limited Mufflebox Mobile Website by Rendili Limited

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Romsey 9th (West Wellow) Scouts

15th September 2014

Wellow Scouts Website by Rendili Limited

We were happy to help the local scout group with a new website. Powered by Cosmos® Content Mangement System the site provides a single point information to current and prospective scouts.

Designed by us the site is responsive and contains the Cosmos gallery and calendar modules so parents can view and download events and share pictures.

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Quilley School Website by Rendili Limited

Quilley School of Engineering use Cosmos® Content Mangement System to manage their website.

The School wanted to redesign their website and make it responsive. Using Cosmos means changing design templates is quick and easy. The updated site launched on Thursday. We think the design by Creative Wisdom looks great.

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Envirochem Website Launch

1st September 2014

Envirochem Website by Rendili Limited

Envirochem Environmental Laboratories website went live last week. The new site launch coincides with the company's 25th anniversary.

The company was looking to update it's online image and increase online lead generation. Rendili created a responsive website powered by Cosmos® Content Mangement System.

"The website looks fantastic and everybody is really excited"
Yannis Vasilikakis Sales & Marketing Manager

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The move to SSL on the web

1st September 2014

Following Google's call for "HTTPS everywhere" and an indication last month that adding SSL (secure socket layer) to HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) site wide may positively affect web rankings, it's a great time to make the move. If your website already uses SSL for certain functions (eg login, checkout) it is still advantageous to add SSL site wide.

There are a few simple steps to moving to SSL:

  1. Make sure your hosting account supports SSL
  2. Buy an SSL Certifcate from a reputable signing authority and ask your hosting company to add it to your website configuration
  3. You may have to make some changes to your DNS settings as SSL requires a dedicated IP address (to work fully with all browsers)
  4. Add a redirect to divert non SSL traffic (your hosting company should be able to help you with this)

Contact Rendili for more information or advice on moving to SSL hosting.